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I honestly don’t have the words to do this amazing story justice. I love everything about it: from the unique characters and the world building to the humour and the themes covered in the story. This is a very special work of art in my opinion. I am on both the Webtoon and Tapas platfors and have reached the 300 canvas subscription limit on the former and yet I have not come across something like this before. I hope you see this so you can hear what an amazing job you are doing Author.

Btw, would you happen to have a Patreon/Ko-Fi account? Also, where do you commonly make announcements and such? Here or on a social media platform? Apologies for so many questions at once…

Thank you so much! Yes, I do have a Patreon (I’m emzurl over there) and I post pages for this comic as I finish them for my patrons. And I’m on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter – links are under the “Links” tab of this website 🙂

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